Fear of Being Judged: What Will Others Think About Me Getting Plastic Surgery?

A major thing that keeps people from getting cosmetic surgery is the fear of how their friends and family will react to them getting cosmetic surgery. Dr. George Weston of the Austin-Weston Center explains the best way to go about interacting with the people closest to you after getting cosmetic surgery. ?? Learn More | http://bit.ly/AWLearn ?? Blog | http://bit.ly/CosmeticSurgeryFears CONTACT US: ?? 703.893.6168 ?? austin-weston.com ?? info@austin-weston.com  ?? Schedule a consultation: http://bit.ly/AustinWeston-Consultation ?? Subscribe to our blog: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonBlogSubscribe FOLLOW US: ?? Facebook: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonFacebook ?? Instagram: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonInstagram ?? Snapchat: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonSnapchat ?? Twitter: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonTwitter