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Bra Line Back Lift in Reston, VA

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Patients who have lost a significant amount of weight are often left with problem areas around their mid or upper back. These problem areas may be stubborn fat deposits or may be excess skin. Excess fat is treated with liposuction, and excess skin is treated with a surgery known as bra line back lift. Although diet and exercise can do wonders for the body, it can not tighten excess skin that has been previously stretched. At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, our board-certified plastic surgeons offer the bra line back lift, or upper back lift, to improve the contour around the bra line. This procedure removes excess skin of the upper back, leaving a surgical scar can be hidden beneath a bra. In men, the scar is sometimes designed to hide in an existing skin crease. Call our cosmetic practice in Reston, VA to set up a private consult and find out if you are a candidate.  

Surgical Technique

During a bra line back lift procedure, an incision is typically made across the back from one side to the other, usually where the bra line resides. Excess folds or bulges of skin will be trimmed away, and the remaining skin just above and below the bra strap will be pulled tight and then sutured together. The amount of tissue that will be removed will be discussed during the initial consultation. For weight loss patients, as much as 8 – 10 inches of skin can be removed for a tighter appearance. In patients who also have breast droop, the procedure can be combined with a breast lift or reduction for a single incision that goes all the way around the mid chest and tightens both the front and back of the body. 

During/After Surgery

A bra line back lift is performed under general anesthesia and typically takes about 1 – 2 hours. After the procedure, you will wear compression to help compress the surgical area and keep the incision protected. Some discomfort and tightness will initially be felt but this often dissipates after a couple of weeks. Although optimal results will take some time, you will see a more toned, tighter, flatter back and fitted clothing can be worn with a newfound confidence. Since the incision is made across the back, scarring will be visible but can be strategically hidden by a bra or T-shirt. The scar fades over months to years. 

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If you have excess skin or unsightly back folds that are preventing you from confidently showing off your new body, call our cosmetic practice today. Our team of plastic surgeons can work with you on how to best achieve the shape you desire. Schedule a private consultation with us to learn more about how a bra line back lift can improve your appearance. 

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