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Reviews for Corner Mouth Lift Procedures Near Reston, VA

At Austin-Weston, The Center for Cosmetic Surgery, we take our commitment to our patients very seriously. We strive to exceed patient expectations by focusing on their individual needs and concerns. We also seek to truly understand the motivation and desires of each individual to better assist them in their cosmetic journey. Each patient we help becomes part of the extended Austin-Weston Center for Cosmetic Surgery family. We would like to share with you some of the wonderful testimonials we have received from many of our valued patients and hope their stories help you to learn more about us.

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Review from K.E.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 14, 2018

In 2011, at the age of 36, I made two appointments at Austin Weston. One was for a general consultation with one of the doctors. The assistant and doctor (I can’t recall which one) were very attentive and listened to everything I said. At one point, the doctor called in the other two doctors in the practice and they all examined my areas of concern and offered their suggestions. I thought it was impressive that they all took the time and effort to give me the best consultation they could - and it was free. In my second appointment a few weeks later, I wanted injections in my upper lip (which was not discussed in the consultation, rather we discussed other methods to achieve my goals). But I figured why not give it a try as a “bridge procedure”. The nurse got me settled into the examination room and even opened the syringe package in preparation for the doctor. He came in and curiously looked at and gently pressed on my face. After his exam, he told me he did not want to inject my upper lip because it was actually full, and if he did, I would look like a duck (lol). He was right. Then I reminded him of the initial consultation and how we discussed a lip lift, and he agreed if I wanted the result I envisioned, that was the preferred procedure (which would be permanent, more aesthetically pleasing, and way cheaper in the long run). My upper lip is full, it just needs a little lift to expose the fullness. He even tried to find somewhere else to inject me, but I simply didn’t have any wrinkles to “inject”. He told me with a smile that he didn’t want to inject me at all. He told me not to waste my money - to go buy a nice pair of shoes instead (please don’t read any condescension in that, he was sincere). And saying this while his practice likely took a loss due to the already opened injection package. I was further impressed by this encounter. Fast forward to 2018, now 43, I’m finally ready mentally and financially to go forward with the procedures we discussed. I’m glad I waited. I’m setting up my third appointment this week ;) I highly recommend Austin Weston! More

Review from J.A.  |  Source: Google  |  Jan 14, 2017

I looked old, tired and angry. I felt old, tired and angry. I had aged way beyond my 58 years and after years of wanting plastic surgery, it was time to take action. My sister had gone to Dr. Robert Sigal at Austin-Weston for breast implant replacements and was very happy with his work, but I wanted a surgeon that had significant experience with facial rejuvenation. After extensive research, it turned out that Dr. Sigal had the exact experience I was looking for. As soon as I met Dr. Sigal , I knew that he was the surgeon for me. We decided on the procedures (rhinoplasty, face/neck lift, mid-face lift, upper and lower bletharoplasty, chin re-shaping, lip and corner mouth lift, fat grafting to various areas and fraxel laser treatment) and then I scheduled the surgery a few months following the consultation to give me time to prepare my skin to ensure the best results from the fraxel. Following the surgery, I spent the night in the Austin-Weston clinic with a full-time nurse watching over me. My nurse made sure I got my medications, checked my drain, kept me company, etc., so I was able to get a good nights sleep. Dr. Sigal had left to do volunteer work in Haiti so Dr. Weston came in to check me over and sent me on my way. Even though I looked like I had been in a bar fight, I had no pain. It was uncomfortable and a little annoying for the first 5 days, but that’s it. I took Valium and Motrin but did not need the oxicodone at all. By the second week, I could go out with makeup. I am now at week 8 and I feel terrific. No more old, tired, angry old lady! I can not express how wonderful this change has been for me. Thank you Dr. Sigal! More

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