What to Expect When Getting a Facelift: The Cosmetic Surgery Journey

Getting a facelift can be a scary process and some patients may not know what to expect on the journey from the consultation to the final results. Dr. George Weston of the Austin-Weston Center breaks down each step of the cosmetic surgery process for anyone who is considering getting a facelift or any other facial plastic surgery. ?? Questions addressed during this video: •  What question should I ask at my facelift consultation? •  What will my plastic surgery experience be like? •  How long will it be before I see my facelift result? •  What is the recovery process like for a facelift? ?? Learn More | http://bit.ly/AWfacelift ?? Blog | http://bit.ly/AWLearn CONTACT US: ?? 703.893.6168 ?? austin-weston.com ?? info@austin-weston.com  ?? Schedule a consultation: http://bit.ly/AustinWeston-Consultation ?? Subscribe to our blog: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonBlogSubscribe FOLLOW US: ?? Facebook: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonFacebook ?? Instagram: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonInstagram ?? Snapchat: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonSnapchat ?? Twitter: http://bit.ly/AustinWestonTwitter